What the WVD Advanced Specialization Means for Coretek

Mar 22, 2021 | Candie Mitchell

Coretek is one of only 93 Azure Expert Managed Service Providers (MSP) worldwide and winner of the Microsoft 2020 US Partner of the Year Award for Advisory Services and Energy. With a well-established foundation in end-user computing consisting of desktop management, mobility management, identity management, desktop virtualization, and security and productivity tools—Coretek is a leader in the industry, enabling businesses to scale their workforce in rapidly changing business environments.

Because of Coretek’s proven end-user experience and collaboration with Microsoft, they were accepted into the Lighthouse Partner Program at the onset of the pandemic and since have continued to develop their skill set to build and launch some of the largest Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) deployments.

Coretek deploys, optimizes, and secures virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure and enables thousands of remote workers to continue to collaborate seamlessly and do their best work.

What is an Advanced Specialization with Microsoft?

Microsoft Partners with active Gold Competencies that demonstrate deep knowledge in specific technologies can attain advanced specializations. These specializations ensure that a partner meets the highest standards for delivery and support for Microsoft customers.

Requirements for the Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization

A partner must:

  • Hold an Active Gold Cloud Platform Competency 
  • Have at least five professionals pass the following certifications: Azure Security Engineer, Azure Solutions Architect, Azure Administrator, Microsoft 35 Enterprise Administrator
  • Expert Have at least three professionals who have passed the WVD Partner Technical Assessment Pass a rigorous third-party audit

Coretek’s Commitment to Excellence

The WVD advanced specialization demonstrates Coretek's deep expertise in WVD technology and their continued support of new-to-the-cloud customers as they transition to desktop-as-a-service and then ultimately to fully managed cloud solutions.

As more workers head to their digital workspace instead of the office each morning, the demand for a virtual desktop experience increases and drives the need for excellence from Microsoft partners like Coretek. Their dedication to hiring and training the best talent highlights Coretek's commitment to their customers' success, and the addition of their Windows Virtual Desktop Specialization supports that commitment.

Coretek is prepared to meet customers' needs as they continue to evolve their approach to a distributed workforce.

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