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The Smart Enterprise uses a "cloud right" approach by balancing workloads across a secure managed hybrid cloud.


No matter the industry, your business IT must scale to meet customer demand. Our Smart Enterprise-Scale services provide the flexibility you need to gain and keep your competitive advantage.
The best way to realize the benefits of a true hybrid cloud is to understand where you are today and where you would like to be in the future. The Coretek Hybrid Cloud Foundation assesses current Datacenter investments and gives a blueprint of recommendations for a plan future-ready plan.
Standardize on robust, software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to deliver all applications, services, and data at any scale - so you can focus on your toughest business challenges. Coretek can match your business with the right HCI solution and integrate all critical workloads.
Coretek deploys a hybrid cloud platform for managing virtual machines and containers built on a full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology. Using a single architecture, we enable a consistent and secure infrastructure across the private and public cloud.
Organizations are rapidly adopting Kubernetes as they undertake large-scale digital transformation projects aimed at improving business agility. Multiple solutions like Nutanix Karbon and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI provide turnkey provisioning, operations, and life cycle management of Kubernetes across the hybrid cloud.


Security and business continuity are a necessity. Our Smart Enterprise Security services ensure your business has the right tools and plans in place no matter the risks you may face.
Don't leave your business at risk of losing data. Coretek can prevent data loss with a secure backup solution for your hybrid cloud using the right tools for disaster recovery (DR) methods and planning.
Coretek can modernize your company's backup and recovery either on-premise, at the edge, in the public cloud, or as a service; while dramatically reducing your total cost of ownership and increasing resiliency across the organization.
Coretek's Managed Risk Solutions focuses on identifying what could go wrong, evaluating which risks should be dealt with, and implementing strategies to deal with those risks.
Applying a proactive monitoring approach can determine the difference between a significant outage, or worse, a large breach. Coretek builds best-in-class solutions to match your business's strategic needs.


Today’s hyper-connected businesses demand an always-on status. Our Smart Enterprise Connected services unify your business and teams no matter their location.
Your enterprise needs to empower all employees with a fast, consistent, and secure experience, no matter the location or device. Coretek enables IT teams to be more agile and operationally efficient, focusing on delivering new digital services rather than managing complex networking and security stacks.
Services today are globally available, regardless of the region you select for your organization. Certain services, have dedicated regional instances, while others have US-based instances only. With application, desktop, and data delivery, these critical components must be understood by IT to bring the best user experience.
The only constant in modern data center evolution is the quest for higher agility and service efficiency levels. Our micro-segmentation solutions enable you to increase your data center's agility and efficiency while maintaining an acceptable security position.
Seamlessly move VMware-based workloads from your datacenter to Azure and keep managing your existing environments with the same VMware tools you already know and love. Coretek enables you to realize the benefits of Azure while reducing your license and hardware footprint with Azure VMware Solutions (AVS).
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