Microsoft 365 and Azure Security

Maximize your Microsoft Investments in 365 and Azure

We offer many different Microsoft specific security assessments that can assess the existing Microsoft technology investments you have made today, to ensure security is maximized and optimized. 

Some assessments may be sponsored by Microsoft. Coretek can submit the business case on your behalf.

Microsoft Workshop offer includes:

  • Azure Sentinel Workshop
  • Compliance Workshop
  • Threat Check Workshop

Coretek is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Expert MSP. We have the unique advantage of being able to assess your current Microsoft investments against security best-practices and compliance frameworks like NIST, PCI, and HIPAA. Any findings can be remediated using our experienced security and infrastructure consultants. We put an end to “Reports on Security Findings” collecting dust without action! Coretek can ensure the investments stay updated using our managed services team.

Get started now with our Microsoft Azure Security QuickStarts. 


Learn more about the Microsoft specific security assessments that Coretek Services can offer you.

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