CORETEK SERVICES RELEASES VIRTUAL DESKTOP ENHANCEMENT SUITE (VDES) VERSION 1.4 April 28, 2016 Farmington Hills, MI – Coretek Services, an industry-leading IT professional services consulting company, has released version 1.4 of their Virtual Desktop Enhancement Suite (VDES) software.  The VDES tool set is Coretek Intellectual Property that enhances the end user experience and support of Virtual Desktop Environments.  With the release of VDES version 1.4, Coretek has added support for VMware Horizon View to the VDES XenAppNow Module.  This will allow organizations delivering Citrix-Presented Applications to VMware Horizon View VDI Desktops to reduce the time it takes to reconnect to their Citrix applications by 4 to 8 seconds each time they reconnect to their VDI desktop. NEW FEATURES The following new features have been added to VDES version 1.4 release: Support for VMware View VDI Ability to run commands prior to reboot and just after reboot Ability during install to set the account the services run under PRODUCT FIXES The following product fixes have been…

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Coretek Services Named AppSense 2015 Partner of the Year, Central Region

Coretek Services Named AppSense 2015 Partner of the Year, Central Region FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. and SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 12, 2016 – Coretek Services, one of the leading IT consulting and systems integrators, and AppSense, the global leader of secure user environment management (UEM), today announced that Coretek Services has been named AppSense 2015 Partner of the Year, Central Region. The award, presented during AppSense’s annual North American Elevate Partner Conference in New Orleans, La., recognized Coretek Services for its exceptional achievement in the areas of customer engagement, revenue growth and implementation innovation. “We really value the relationship we have with AppSense,” said Ray Jaksic, Chief Technology Officer Coretek Services. “They are truly a ‘channel focused’ organization.  It’s the value their products provide within our solutions and their flexibility in doing what it takes to close deals that has resulted in many great wins for both of our organizations and our customers.” AppSense continues to be a staple…

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How Healthcare Organizations Get ROI from the Cloud

How Healthcare Organizations Get ROI from the Cloud March 8th, 2016 – Like many healthcare organizations today, your internal IT costs may be high as a result of capital-intensive investments in hardware. In addition, you may find that your key resources are spending precious time fixing IT problems when they could be focused on their primary job. When it comes to shifting your organization away from this expensive way of doing business, you’ve probably considered a cloud-based solution. But you may be unsure if it’s the right choice. At the top of your questions might be whether or not the cloud can provide the level of security required to manage your highly sensitive patient data. Adopting cloud technology is a viable, sustainable, and cost effective solution for healthcare facilities. At Coretek, one of our primary goals is for clients to realize between a 20-40% savings in the first year of moving to a cloud-based solution. In fact, a return on investment is usually realized within one year of investing in our cloud solution.…

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Containerization of Data: Take Back Control of Your Data

Containerization of Data: Take Back Control of Your Data February 26, 2016 – Hackers are getting more aggressive every day, just as new gaps in security systems also continue to pop up. It’s estimated that 60% of enterprises allow use of personal devices in the office, opening your company to security threats and data leakage. Your challenge is to provide security as this trend continues to play out. The risks of losing confidential information and being subject to governmental penalties can put your company at risk (potentially out of business)! Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) aims to protect your company by managing your employees’ mobile device applications and functionality, like DropBox or Sharefile, aiming to increase security while providing the right tools for your staff to work more efficiently. Containerization of data. Have you ever received an excel report from a client prompting you to insert a password to view the document? That’s an example of containerization of data across mobile devices. Containerization of data…

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How To Maintain Physical Control of Your Devices

How To Maintain Physical Control of Your Devices March 4, 2016 – In our previous blog post we discussed the importance of containing your data in your company. In this article we are extending the concept of securing your business to the importance of maintaining physical control of your devices. Why is this important? With the rise of data breaches and the use of BYOD at work, you need to be able to control, monitor, and secure how your employees use corporate and personal devices to share confidential information. What if you could lock certain functionality by location, which are standard on most mobile devices (cameras, unapproved Wi-Fi hotspots), or even erase all corporate related data when an employee leaves the company? Maintaining physical control of your corporate and BYOD devices is possible through Mobile Device Management (MDM), which monitor, deploy, and secure your corporate environment. Here is a list on how MDM allows you to maintain control of your employees’ devices at work: Make changes when you want. With MDM…

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Risks and Costs of Unsecure Mobile Devices at Work

Risks and Costs of Unsecure Mobile Devices at Work February 18, 2016 – Today the average person owns 5 devices, with 3.5 devices (e.g. iPad, laptop) being carried at work. Companies have quickly begun to allow their employees to use personal devices to conduct work-related tasks, but without considering the hidden business risks associated with BYOD. Allowing your employees to use their personal devices to share data leads to serious concerns around data protection and prevention. Here are the top hidden risks and costs of unsecure mobile devices at work, and why you need to consider Mobile Device Management (MDM). Containerization of data Companies allow BYOD because it provides business functionality, flexibility and accessibility to employees. People are able to work more efficiently and be more productive, whether they are in the office or out. Work is no longer a place, it’s wherever you are at any moment in time. That’s why having secure, intuitive access to the company’s data and applications is critical to productivity…

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The Top 3 Ways Your Employees Put Your Company at Risk

The Top 3 Ways Your Employees Put Your Company at Risk February 4, 2016 – It’s not a surprise that mobile device management enables companies to reduce costs by managing all corporate and BYOD mobile devices under one central administrative console. And allowing staff to use their personal devices – as opposed to a company provided device – can provide another significant cost savings. What most IT managers might not know is that EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) also carries other indirect cost savings, including securing your corporate network across all the different devices your employees now use. The purpose of EMM is to increase the functionality of all mobile devices within your company while also protecting your organization from possible security attacks or data leaks. Here are the 3 top ways your employees are unknowingly putting your company at risk by accessing corporate data on their personal mobile devices. Risk number 1: BYOD An average person has a minimum of 3 devices connected to the company network – often without…

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CORETEK SERVICES RECOGNIZED AS ONE OF THE 2015 BEST AND BRIGHTEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR Farmington Hills, MI – January 11, 2016 — Coretek Services, a leading information technology consulting firm, today announced it has been honored as a 2015 National Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Winner by the National Association for Business Resources (NABR).  The company has won this award for four consecutive years and was recognized as a Metropolitan Detroit’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Winner for seven consecutive years, 2009-2015. “We are excited to be recognized for nurturing a rewarding work environment in a high growth industry,” stated Ron Lisch, Coretek Services’ chief executive officer.  “We have an exceptional group of employees and look forward to creating new job opportunities to support our growth trajectory.  Our work environment promotes success and teamwork, which has been a pivotal asset to growing our organization.” Coretek Services was assessed by an independent research firm which reviewed a number of key measures…

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