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Managed Services

Freedom from Worry & Distraction So You Can Focus

Coretek Managed Services is delivered through the Coretek Response Center (CRC)™. Unlike traditional managed services, our organization is built with security at its foundation. Beginning with our five-step advisory process: Assess, Plan, Migrate, Optimize and Manage, and powered by world-class Microsoft-centric solutions, our team enables continuous improvement and innovation that allows your business to lead in your industry.

Secure & Cloud-Based Solutions Empower Growth & Innovation

Our proactive managed services operation consists of next-generation IT and security services that allow you to break free from distraction and focus on your strategic business initiatives to quickly and continually attain your goals and objectives.

Faster Return of IT Investment
ROI over three years.
Better Cost Control
Reduction in IT infrastructure cost
High Availability, Efficiency, and Productivity
Reduction in unplanned server and network downtime.
Improved Risk Management
Continuous monitoring and build-in threat protection keeps your users and data protected
Fosters Innovation
Your team can focus on client outcomes instead of technical issues.
Future Ready IT Services
Easily scale with the demand of your business and changing technology no matter how fast it happens.

Managed Azure

The cloud is the “spark” that ignites growth to start your digital IT transformation. An inadequately maintained cloud environment can distract your organization, increase costs and complexity, and put your data and operations at risk. Coretek’s Managed Azure services help you harness the power of Microsoft Azure to stay current and reduce cost and risk. Learn more

Unified Security

The digital risk today centers on the users, devices, and applications you depend on daily. Coretek's Unified Security services offer peace of mind as you manage an increasingly complex and risky environment. Coretek designs, implements, and manages a cybersecurity strategy that's complete, compliant, and ready for whatever comes your way. Learn more

Managed Desktop

Whether staying hybrid or all in with the cloud, we’ll help you build and manage the most secure environment leveraging existing assets or investing in new ones. Coretek’s Managed Desktop service is a comprehensive and secure way of delivering virtual desktops or apps to anyone, anywhere. Leveraging Microsoft Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop, and enhancements like Citrix, Nerdio, and VMware, we prepare your organization to respond to ever-changing business needs using Microsoft-native solutions and Microsoft 365 assets you may already own. Learn more

Unified Device Management

Laptops, tablets, and phones are devices your users need to work together and accomplish their work. Each user requires specific access, level of customization, and personalization. Coretek manages devices through a secure, compliant, and cost-effective process using native Microsoft products​. Our Unified Device Management service provides security and management of critical end-user devices you depend on daily.

Managed Protection

Protecting and securing your business-critical applications in the cloud, your offices, and your data center is vital. Each type of workload, system, and application may require a unique set of protections. Our hybrid cloud Managed Protection services provide security and recovery capability anytime. Managed Protection by Coretek allows you to focus on the speed of your changing business while delivering the expertly-managed data protection and recovery service you need.

The Coretek Response CenterTM—An Extension of Your Team

Our Managed Services is delivered through the Coretek Response Center (CRC)TM. The CRCTM provides a complete IT and Security Department-as-a-Service—depending on the level of support your business requires. You choose how to work with us, maybe you only need end-user help desk services, or perhaps you need an assessment to determine if a path into complete support is best. The CRCTM gives you the power to choose what fits your business best.

Integrated Operations Center

24/7 proactive monitoring and resolution of connectivity issues to keep users and applications connected worldwide .

Service Desk

Live remote 24/7 support, escalation routing, and incident resolution that adheres to ITIL best practices, along with a self-service portal including live support updates to keep your team productive .

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Security and compliance solutions and a team of security experts to help improve and maintain your organization’s overall security posture and effectiveness .

DevOps Center of Excellence

DevOps engineers and robust DevOps process automation facilitate the orchestration and integration of users, applications, and functions to standardize repeatable patterns and tasks that reduce costs and time-to-value for your business applications.

Smart Cloud Solutions

Your business needs a future-ready, secure, agile cloud strategy for all workloads, data, and applications—along with a trusted partner to manage and optimize over time, ensuring your business has a roadmap to success.

Smart Workspace Solutions

Depending on your needs, our workspace solutions are fully managed and leverage Microsoft's native security tools to keep your environment safe, scalable, and performing optimally as your business grows.

The Power to Choose for Your Business

Empower your team to adapt and change faster to meet industry demands by staying focused on business strategy—while we take care of the operational management and maintenance of your IT and Security needs.

24/7/365 Support
24/7/365 Support
Always available monitoring, incident management and resolution.
Built-In Innovation
Built-In Innovation
Proactive management, continual improvements, built-in expertise for next-generation cloud.
Cost Savvy Insights & Planning
Cost Savvy Insights & Planning
Visibility and tracking current and future costs and insights to reduce expenses.
Compliance, Change & Governance
Compliance, Change & Governance
Customized to your organization and industry requirements.
Unlimited Scale
Unlimited Scale
Manage thousands of assets across multiple continents.
Operate and manage multiple geographically dispersed environments.

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