Hybrid Data Center

Build your Multi-Cloud Environment with Coretek. We can unify operations across all your clouds, bringing multi-cloud operability to your enterprise workloads, making hybrid cloud architectures a reality.


80% Of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center by 2025
317B Estimated hybrid cloud market by 2022
88% Percent of organizations are adopting a hybrid IT approach in 2020 - 21

Build Your Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment

Today, enterprise IT teams want the agility to run applications on a particular cloud-based on economic, compliance, performance, availability, and security criteria. They're looking for better mobility and interoperability among on-premises & public cloud environments in order to easily match applications to the most appropriate infrastructure 



Why Coretek for your Hybrid Data Center Design & Deployment

The hybrid cloud approach accommodates the needs of organizations by balancing the agility of the Cloud with the management of the existing data center. As you transition into a Cloud-First or Cloud-Right approach, it is critical you adopt a hybrid cloud strategy with a proven partner.  Look No Further – Coretek for all your Hybrid Cloud Needs!

Partners in the Hybrid Cloud Space: Nutanix, Arista, Citrix, Microsoft, VMWare, Cisco, NVIDIA, Zerto


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