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Beginning in 2005 Coretek pioneered clinical workflows in the healthcare industry and has continued to evolve with changes in technology. Technology has changed radically since then. To help deliver the best care to your patients, you need an experienced, trusted, and vetted technology partner who knows the industry inside and out.

Coretek’s Healthcare Solutions

Now more than ever, your organization needs technology solutions that provide secure, streamlined access to data allowing your teams to focus on your patients & needs rather than technology. Our custom healthcare solutions enable your organization to realize its goals while exceeding patient needs.

Clinical Cloud Desktop

The clinical cloud desktop is a personalized roaming desktop that moves with clinicians seamlessly to and from any location and device quickly while securely delivered from the cloud.

Our Clinical Cloud Desktop solution leverages the agility and speed of the Microsoft Azure Network. When combined with Citrix Apps and Desktops and Azure Virtual Desktop, we give clinicians a sub-10 second reconnect time to their data and provide the most efficient and optimal end-user experience of any workflow on the market.

Speeds clinician login times
Enables more and better patient care
Increases productivity

Modern Digital Health Solutions

Large hospitals, medical practices, and acute care services all demand a different workflow. Your team requires technology to be an enabler to the best patient experience possible. Our future-ready cloud health solutions empower your team with the right technology no matter the need. Each custom solution incorporates these essentials:

Secure Connectivity - Security, compliance, and privacy across devices and locations
Data Management - Data interoperability, clinical analysis, and operational analytics
Connected Patient Experiences - Personalized care, patient insights, and virtual health

Smartly Managed & Secure by Design

Organizing the people, process, and technology to deliver secure technology solutions to your business is a growing challenge amidst the rapid evolution of global regulations and supporting cloud technology.

Because of this, your organization demands more than a one-size-fits-all approach to technology and security. Our Secure-by-Design Smart Managed Services fit any business demand and align with your goals. In addition, our team's unique experience across security and compliance-focused industry verticals allows us to build custom solutions that support many compliance and regulatory needs.

Compliance & Security Programs Supported


Our Healthcare Customers

Read the case study for some of our most memorable projects.

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