DevOps Journey

What can DevOps means for your organization? The benefits can be seen through many different components; 

  • Leverage automation for repetitive tasks or tasks we can parallelize (and therefore speed up), teams, and organizations can improve work quality, repeatability, and consistency, and free workers from spending time on low-value tasks.
  • By automating more workloads, high performers free their technical staff to do innovative work that adds real value to their organizations.
  • When we compare high performers to their lower-performing peers, we find that elite and high performers are doing less manual work than their lower-performing peers at statistically significant levels on all dimensions, while medium performers have the highest amount of manual work on all dimensions.
  • Medium performers are doing more manual work than low performers when it comes to testing and change-approval processes, and these differences are statistically significant. The j-curve diagram illustrates how teams undergoing DevOps transformations.

The evolution of an organization can be depicted in five stages.

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