Data And Analytics Platform

Are you thinking about modernizing or migrating your existing application platform to the leading data solutions from Microsoft? Our experts help design solutions that will push your data to the next level and enable you to harness the power of analytics, IoT, and other initiatives.

90%Of corporate strategies explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset
$15M Is the estimate per year for losses due to poor data quality
$141.2B Will be spent on WW Public IT cloud services by 2020

Data and Analytics Platform

Are you getting value out of the data that you have?  Are you surfacing and visualizing the correct data to enable business decisions? You may have faced common barriers such as:

  • Hidden costs like maintenance and add-on features
  • Complex integrated BI Solutions
  • Lack of a comprehensive cloud strategy

Let us help! Our Data and Analytics team will help you get your arms the growing amount and sources of data, and enable business leaders to make decisions with confidence.

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Coretek’s analytics consulting helps create the framework to allow your experts to uncover insights from your data that can help you make better decisions, operationalize analytics, and address increasing customer needs. We can help you create future growth and unlock greater value from third-party and enterprise data whether internal, external, structured, or unstructured.

Build Smarter and More Powerful Apps
Choose the right database for your unique needs and requirements. Built on the world’s most trusted cloud, Azure database services provide enterprise-grade scale and guaranteed performance, with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).
Fully managed
Enterprise scale and performance
Security and compliance
Relational databases
Relational databases, or Structured Query Language (SQL) databases, are a good choice when data requirements are known, schema requirements are defined, and data rules must apply across related tables.
Azure SQL Database
The intelligent, managed cloud database service
Azure SQL Database combines the best of on-premises SQL Server with the financial and operational benefits of an intelligent, fully managed service.
Ideal for:
  1. Multi-tenant SaaS applications
  2. OLTP applications
  3. Migrating SQL Server workloads to the cloud
Frictionless migration
Get the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility and native VNet support with Azure Database Managed instance.
Competitive TCO
Reduce costs with a fully managed, intelligent relational cloud database. Save up to 80% with Azure Hybrid Benefit and reserved capacity.
Industry-leading security
Control access to your database, leave sensitive data encrypted while in use, and monitor your database for potential threats.
Enterprise scale and performance
Rapidly scale compute resources and restore databases up to 100TB in minutes, regardless of the size of data operation.
Azure Database for MySQL
Powerful and protected open source service
Azure Database for MySQL makes it easy to build and power innovative apps on a fully managed cloud service.
Azure Database for MariaDB
Fully managed, community-friendly database
Azure Database for MariaDB connects to your community on the fully managed cloud you trust.
Ideal for:
  1. Websites and web apps
  2. Low-latency digital gaming
  3. Simple, fast, read-heavy ops
  4. Migrating MySQL/MariaDB workloads to the cloud
Fully managed community versions
Optimize performance, reliability and scalability with built-in high availability and intelligence.
Improved performance with built-in intelligence
Protect your data with unique, industry-leading security capabilities and the most comprehensive compliance offerings.
Multi-layered security and compliance
Easily spin up a database for web apps like WordPress and Drupal and integrate with other Azure services for faster innovation.
Innovate and build apps faster
Build or migrate your workloads with confidence while you continue to leverage a large variety of community editions of PostgreSQL.
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Enterprise-ready and fully managed community PostgreSQL
Azure Database for PostgreSQL provides intelligent performance optimization recommendations and high performance scaling all while supporting the PostgreSQL extensions and community versions you know and love.
Ideal for:
  1. Secure and scalable apps
  2. Personalized digital marketing
  3. Migrating PostgreSQL or Oracle workloads to the cloud
  4. Growing workloads requiring high-performance, horizontal scale out
Fully managed service with built-in security features
Focus on your apps while Azure manages the time- and cost-intensive tasks of maintenance and hosting.
Intelligent performance optimization
Improve performance and reduce costs by leveraging customized recommendations and insights.
Horizontal scaling with Hyperscale (Citus)
Break free from the limits of single-node Postgres and scale out across hundreds of nodes.
The best of open source innovation
Build or migrate your workloads with confidence while you continue to leverage a large variety of community editions of PostgreSQL.



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