How Managed Security Services Assessments Help You Mitigate Risk

Sep 9, 2022

As we collectively push forward into digital and cloud transformation, managed security services and cloud security companies are evolving as well. Understanding and addressing new threats are imperative, but it’s equally important to understand your unique organizational risks.

Many managed security service providers (MSSPs), including Coretek, provide unbiased, quantifiable security assessments. Assessments help MSSPs identify gaps in your security posture and provide insight into leveraging existing and modern technologies to effectively respond to the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Four-Week Security Assessment

To better understand your current security posture, Coretek will first engage with you on a four-week security journey to reach a mutual understanding of your unique business objectives. This initial insight helps the Coretek team appreciate why you feel the security assessment is valuable and ensure that the time your team is investing will support your specific goals. Following a methodical approach customized to your organization's needs, Coretek becomes a partner in helping drive your business forward.

Zero Trust Methodology

At Coretek, Microsoft's "Zero Trust" methodology is built directly into your security assessment. Zero Trust is a security framework that requires all users,  inside and outside of your organization's network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration and posture—before they are granted or allowed to keep access to applications and data. Zero Trust assumes that there is no traditional network edge. Networks can be local, in the cloud, or hybrid, with resources anywhere and with workers in any location.

The first step in adopting a Zero Trust approach is an exercise to build a map of existing tools and systems against a Zero Trust matrix to identify gaps. This matrix provides an educated strategic approach to create the framework for a series of discovery sessions and technology workshops to help your organization fully adopt this methodology.

Assessment Recommendations

Based on our initial assessment, Coretek will create a holistic outline of your current security estate with recommendations that you should leverage within your existing tools and licensing to improve your overall posture. These recommendations will focus on your business needs and investment costs aligned to feature capabilities and security hardening for your environment. From the current state, our recommendations showcase your organization's potential future state security plan. Not only is the security posture and user experience necessary, but understanding the overall cost of licensing, administration, and professional services to get started is vital. A Microsoft Security Assessment with Coretek helps your business consider all of these business-critical decision points that need to be analyzed to understand how to optimize investments. 

At the end of your successful Security Assessment, Coretek will provide your team with clear next steps and recommendations to help you:

  • Strengthen your security posture 
  • Drive security effectiveness 
  • Improve your response and remediation speed 
  • Deliver a better user experience  
  • Facilitate overall business enablement 

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What is Your Commitment During the Assessment?

To provide these assessments free of charge, Coretek and Microsoft expect that you will be available to meet certain, predetermined benchmarks. These benchmarks help our team deliver quality assessments and detailed recommendations tailored to your specific needs. 

Resource Availability: We ask that you identify a sponsor and designate them to participate in the assessment planning and execution. This sponsor could be a CISO, Security Executive, IT Executive, or technical and business stakeholders.

Time Commitment: Expect to commit anywhere from 4-8 hours, from kick-off to final reviews. 

Engagement & Collaboration: Prepare a high-level list of current tools, contract renewal dates, cost, and what purpose that solution provides to the organization. This information is critical to discussing the Executive Adoption Roadmap and Cost Analysis and Benefits Outline. 

Access: Our Microsoft Engineers need Global Reader Access to your Microsoft tenant and Security reader on all Azure subscriptions.

Are Security Assessments Different for Different Industries?

While the approach to delivering the security assessment is the same for each industry, the business processes and operational requirements are certainly not. It is vital to consider the various business challenges, roles, and responsibilities and how modernizing security operations can help. At Coretek, we always account for best practices beyond just security technology, including policy and procedure creation, employee training and awareness, vulnerability assessments, and more.  

How to Get Started with a Security Assessment

At Coretek, our clients work with their Account Representative or Microsoft Account Representative to determine if they qualify. Contracts for security assessments are then held between Coretek and Microsoft directly. Click the link below to see if you qualify for a Coretek Security Assessment.

Do You Qualify for a Security Assessment?

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