Introducing Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience for Seat-Based Offers

Nov 10, 2021

Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program is constantly evolving, and the next phase is the New Commerce Experience (NCE) for seat-based offers, which will launch in March of 2022. The New Commerce Experience for seat-based offers is part of Microsoft's continuing investment into the CSP program. It is designed to allow customers to have more access to Microsoft 365 and align with Microsoft's Azure New Commerce Experience.

What is the New Commerce Experience?

The New Commerce Experience is Microsoft's new per seat model for Modern Workplace and Dynamics subscriptions, including Microsoft and Office 365. Starting March of 2022, all seat-based offers purchases will be done through the NCE. 

How Does the New Commerce Experience Differ from the Legacy CSP Model?

Starting in March of 2022, Microsoft will enforce new term commitments on all Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 licenses. Organizations in need of license flexibility month-to-month will be able to select monthly commitment terms for a premium price. In contrast, organizations that commit to annual terms will lock in their price annually. Following the move to the NCE, refunds will no longer be granted for decreasing license quantities or canceling licenses during the term. 

How Does this Affect You as a Microsoft Customer?

By offering price protection over the course of your license commitment and the ability to schedule license changes and upgrades, the New Commerce Experience will allow you easier budget management and planning. Converting Trials and upgrading licenses can now be scheduled with automatic assignment to your users. Additional capabilities will be added to the CSP experience, starting with communication credit offers coming soon.

What's Next?

Leading up to the New Commerce Experience launch, Coretek will work with you to determine the best commitment and billing options to meet your needs and continue sending out updates as we prepare for this new component of the CSP program. If you have any questions about Microsoft program changes, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! 

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