Demystifying Microsoft 365 Licensing

Jan 5, 2022

We all know just how difficult and confusing licensing can be, and now with the introduction of the new Microsoft 365 licenses, it can be even more challenging to understand. So why the change and how is Microsoft 365 different than Office 365? In a word, security. Microsoft created these new licenses to help you better secure your environment without having to purchase additional licensing—while still providing the same services we have all come to expect from Office 365.

What the New Microsoft 365 Licensing Options Mean

As you can see here in the Microsoft 365 Enterprise License Map, many of the security options that formerly required the Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite are now a part of that new Microsoft 365 E3. So, what does that mean? With just the new and improved E3, you can use tools such as Intune, Multi-Factor Authentication, and even more Advanced Conditional Access Policies. As you can also see, if you need the E5 Security or E5 Compliance licenses, you can easily layer them based on your specific needs. Or, of course, the full E5 is always a good option.

Watch a quick synopsis of this blog in our Demystifying Microsoft 365 Licensing Video.

How Do You Choose the Right License?

Now, does any of this make licensing easier? Of course not! So, can you truly ever demystify Microsoft licensing? Yes! You can; you let us help! Coretek has an extensive background in Microsoft Licensing, including all the different programs Microsoft offers. We are not here to help you find A license; we want to help you find the best license based on your needs!

So, if you need more help choosing the right licensing, call us, and we can help you get the most for your licensing spend! 


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