2022 Smart Workspace Solution Landscape

Dec 29, 2021

Here at Coretek, we work on bleeding-edge solutions in the cloud, integrating both new native cloud services and hybrid cloud technologies. Throughout 2021, Coretek has seen projects with many integration points across the End User Compute space like Windows 365 Cloud PC, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Azure VMware Solution (AVS), and now Nutanix Clusters for Azure. 

As we continue to combine many different endpoint strategies with personalization solutions, and application layering and packaging, we felt it necessary to show these intersection points visually. The Coretek Smart Workspace Landscape graphic illustrates how the Microsoft 365 product set feeds into our desktop virtualization and desktop-as-a-service solutions while also showing how they fit together with Citrix, VMware, and Nerdio for orchestration. In addition, also shown is how we leverage RIMO3, MSIX, and other application layering technologies to tackle the toughest application challenges.

I hope you find the 2022 Smart Workspace Landscape diagram helpful as you look to enable secure remote work solutions for your workforce.

Download the Smart Workspace Diagram

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