How can a Microsoft Healthcare Bot help you or your company?

Jan 11, 2021 | Evan Joseph

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has brought an influx of patients seeking information and medical care. This situation has led to the overwhelming of resources, such as urgent and emergency care and helplines.

Microsoft’s Healthcare Bot Service can help provide a solution for this issue. It is a scalable Azure-based cloud service that can make it quick to deploy an AI-powered, conversational healthcare experience.

It provides out-of-the-box healthcare intelligence to help provide useful information to the user. It allows for integration with machine learning and natural language processing to precisely understand what the user means. It can route them to the proper way of dealing with their issue.

A user can be triaged to a specific type of medical care through natural language symptom checking. The bot will intelligently ask relevant questions related to the user’s symptoms to understand better what kind of care the user is most suited to.

It is heavily customizable and extensible, allowing for integrations with external APIs to connect to custom backend systems. Examples of integrations include location lookups and appointment scheduling.

Some conversations are better had with an actual person rather than a bot. Wait times for speaking over the phone can be lengthy, which could frustrate patients. With the Healthcare bot service, there is the possibility of handing the user off to a live agent through Microsoft Teams. Conversation history is transferred to the agent, and the user can resume the conversation with them.

Implementing a Healthcare Bot can have a substantial benefit to an organization. Microsoft’s Healthcare Bot Service makes it easy to customize and scale a bot to suit your exact requirements needed.

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