Azure Data Center Migration

Cloud computing is a strategy, not just a destination. Coretek helps organizations design cloud solutions purpose-built for a specific mix of workloads, data, security requirements, compliance initiatives, and end-user needs. 

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Azure Data Center Migration Services

Are you ready to explore moving your servers to Azure?  Whether you are moving from an on-premises data center, co-located data center, AWS, or Google Cloud, Coretek can help you.  We have a proven methodology to optimize your workloads and safely migrate them to Azure. Our approach follows five key steps in your journey:

  • Assess Your Environment
  • Plan and Design
  • Migrate to Azure
  • Manage Your Infrastructure
  • Optimize Your Environment

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Coretek Case Study: Arhaus Citrix in Azure

Coretek Case Study: Arhaus Citrix in Azure “The project has been a great success. I’d recommend Coretek because of the time and effort they put in to understanding our needs before they ever started working towards a solution. They really made us feel like the solution they were giving us was the one that we needed and the one that was going to work for us.” - Dave Barney, Chief Information Officer, Arhaus

Azure Migration Strategy

Azure Migration Strategy Get your free e-book today! Download for free  Migrating to the cloud isn’t an “if.” It’s a “when.” In today’s landscape, building a cloud strategy is no longer optional—it’s required to stay competitive. The journey to the cloud begins with choosing the right cloud service provider. This task tends to fall on IT directors, C-level executives, and data architects. Unfortunately, traditional managed services providers rely on outsourcing infrastructure build and cloud migration to inexperienced teams. As a result, the risk for overambitious migration planning, overspend, and failed deployments is high. Five-step approach Coretek Services can help. As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, Coretek Services makes managing, migrating, budgeting, and forecasting cloud services simpler and are cost-effective. Our five-step Azure migration strategy helps you modernize infrastructure from an on-premises, co-location, or AWS data center.

What is an Azure Expert MSP?

What is an Azure Expert MSP? Coretek Services celebrates becoming a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP We are excited to announce becoming a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP)!  Coretek is one of only a small group of US partners to achieve this new recognition of excellence. What is a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP? The Azure Expert MSP program is a new global initiative from Microsoft to highlight and promote only the most capable partners and to make their services and expertise discoverable. We are proud to say that Coretek was one of the first five Azure Expert MSPs globally, which is not an easy feat. The requirements of this designation are the most stringent of any Microsoft program, requiring partners to validate their skills, their customer success, ability to scale, and a commitment to providing next-generation managed service offerings. Put simply, it's a lot of hoops to jump through. But jump, we did. And while it's taken us a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication to achieve, we know…

Why Coretek Enterprise Management Solutions?


Coretek helps you create a solid cloud and extensible cloud foundation based on identity, network, and subscription. The resulting framework sets the security, standards, and governance for your continued cloud strategy. We discover and assess your current environment, map your key workloads to a cloud infrastructure, and migrate your applications and data -- all with zero unplanned downtime.

“Coretek believes that Cloud technologies will improve your business operations, financial results, and reduce technology risks. We want to partner with you to ensure your business success." - Clint Adkins, Director of Cloud Solutions.

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